Casambi & smart bluetooth

– a complete wireless control system for all environments

We at Vadsbo are glad to offer professional, simple and smart lighting control solutions for people to enjoy endless lighting options in homes, gyms, ice rinks, offices or gardens. There are unlimited options to control using our app and/or with a push of a button.

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– controls the lighting for you

Luminaires with integrated DALI can be placed in open-concept offices, conference rooms, factories, malls, schools, homes and much more. DALI makes it possible to create a perfect atmosphere and light environment for different types of activities in the same space.

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Push dimmer
Here you can find a list of all the different types of push dimmers that we offer.
Rotary dimmer
Here you can find a list of all the different types of rotary dimmers that we offer.


– How ready are you to start?

Being ready to start your project simplifies the process from start to finish. Before you start your project, we provide you with effective support that ensures the right settings. We help you on site and ensure a perfect end result during installation. We also offer safe and efficient comprehensive service before, during and after your project is complete. We are well aware that your time is valuable, so instead of wasting your time doing the job we are experts at, you can spend your time acquiring new customers, following up with existing customers, creating interesting projects and doing what you like.

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Other products

– Drivers, sensors, transformers and more

Are you looking for a product that you bought from us in the past but you can’t find on our website? Check “Other products” and see if what you are looking for is there. You can also give us a call at 031 – 23 56 00 and we will be glad to help you.