Converter/Gateway CBU-DCS

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CBU-DCS is a Bluetooth-controlled Casambi-compatible DALI control unit. CBU-DCS does not have its own power supply, but is powered directly by a DALI bus. Can be used with a DALI sensor for presence detection or daylight compensation, for controlling DALI drives with built-in DALI bus power supply or with the Casambi app.

CBU-DCS can be used in Evolution as a DALI Gateway to enable seamless integration between Casambi and DALI, thus achieving “wireless DALI”. This, in turn, enables Casambi to be integrated with other systems such as KNX.

Various Casambi-compatible products can be used; from a simple direct-controlled luminaire – to a complete and multifunctional lighting system where up to 127 units (Classic) or 250 units (Evolution) automatically create an intelligent mesh network.

E17 113 30
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E-number 17 113 30
Input voltage 9,5-22,5 VDC
Input current, inactive 5mA
Input current, max 30mA
Max. power DALI bus 250mA
Range Up to 30m indoor and 50m outdoor. Range is depending on obstacles and surroundings such as walls and construction material.
Energy consumption, inactive <0,1W
Operating frequency 2,4…2,483 Ghz
Max. Output consumption +4dBm
Max. number control modules 1
Max. output power -4 dBm
Temperature surroundings -20…+55°C
Max temperature enclosure +65°C
Storage temperature -25…+75°C
Max. humidity 0…80%, non-condensing
Cable dimensions
solid and conductor solid
0,5-1,5mm2, 16 A-WG
Wire stripper 6-8 mm
Dimensions 40, 4×36, 3×14 mm
Weight 15 g
Enclosure DALI Reinforced
Protection IP20
Certification CE