Vadsbo LightTech AB

Or simply, Vadsbo

We develop, design and sell wireless lighting control solutions in LED technology for large and small scale projects and smart homes. We manage the project from the beginning to the end and provide guidance through the entire process. Since the 1990s, Vadsbo has been a known provider of lighting and dimming control solutions. Our products and solutions are of the highest quality. Products that we are proud to use ourselves.

Vadsbo SwitchTech Group AB

Our parent company

Vadsbo SwitchTech Group AB (formerly Amago Capital AB) owns Vadsbo Transformators AB. Vadsbo SwitchTech Group AB is mainly owned by a number of private investors with extensive experience of running entrepreneurial companies. Vadsbo SwitchTech Group AB’s share has been listed on the Spotlight Stock Market since 3 March 2016 under the abbreviated name VADS and is traded via banks and stockbrokers.

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Our story

From several tons to a tiny app

Our story is really, as with so many other things, a long and interesting one. But in short, it goes like this: In the early 1990s, we at Vadsbo were a group of few people located in Gothenburg working on developing our own transformer design supplemented with a series of protection transformers. We provided, among other things, transformers that weighed tons and were as big as standard rooms to be used, as a power supply of railways. The business has since been developed and expanded to include a broader program of power supply and power control solutions and to break new ground with making smart homes even smarter, simpler and more attractive. Since the beginning, we at Vadsbo have established long-term relationship with good suppliers and a number of prominent manufacturers in Gothenburg, Sweden and the world in our field. Through our network of suppliers, we have over the years established good relationships with manufacturers in all fields of technology.

Today, Vadsbo is run by curious individuals born in the 90s, 80s, 70s and 60s. Our story has led us to where we stand today, and we are happy and proud of who we have become and what we can create together.