Casambi & smart bluetooth

– a complete wireless lighting solution for all environments

We at Vadsbo are glad to offer professional, simple and smart lighting solutions for businesses to enjoy endless lighting options in homes, gyms, ice rinks, offices or gardens. There are unlimited options to control using our app and/or with a push of a button.

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Casambi is digital DALI

– controls the lighting for you

Luminaires with integrated DALI can be placed in open-concept offices, conference rooms, factories, malls, schools, homes and much more. DALI makes it possible to create a perfect atmosphere and light environment for different types of activities in the same space. And Casambi combined makes it digital and wireless.

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LED control drivers
Here are our LED control drivers
Light sources
Here are our light sources
Push dimmers
Here are our push dimmers
Here are our relays
Here are our sensors
Smart switches
Here are our smart switches
Here you find our transformers
Rotary dimmers
Here you find our rotary dimmers