Concept solution from lighting professionals

Restaurant By Vadsbo

Functions after situation

Restaurant By Vadsbo is a concept solution and a complete proposal that brings your restaurant to the next level. We have an understanding of the various lighting requirements which occur in the different rooms in the restaurants, both for the guests and for the different work spaces of the staff. With Casambi we offer a unique and flexible lighting control where time settings, astrour, scenes/scenarios and many other functions set the right mood, atmosphere and functions for your restaurant’s brand as well as its practical requirements. You use whichever luminaries that you wish.

Future-proof & safe

Vadsbo is a certified partner of Europe’s strongest growing lighting control system – Casambi. The lighting control we offer is the most scalable, cost effective and future-proof wireless lighting control on the market. There is no initial cost or barrier. No electricity training is needed in order to handle the lighting in an optimal fashion. You can mix your favorite luminaries as you wish. The scalability enables you to easily change your lighting in the future – remove or scale up. Control the lighting through your smart unit, wireless switch or sensor.

TIP! Did you know that Casambi’s wireless lighting system saves about 30% compared to conventional lighting?

The concept shines in every corner

Restaurant By Vadsbo entails lighting for all the different angles and corners in the restaurant. We have worked with numerous restaurant owners and understand that the best lighting contributes to sale of food and beverages. A restaurant of course requires different lighting depending on its different rooms, spaces, colors, activities as well as the shifting daylight – and all the advantages need to be illuminated! We create the best possibilities for your bar, kitchen, table, diner, closet, window, bathroom. When you give us your schematics we make a detailed analysis of each room.

How do I order?

Send us:

  • Schematics
  • Description of the room and control needs
  • Luminaire list
  • Contact information

We will get back to you with:

  • Offer
  • Solution proposals for your schematic
  • Solution proposals room by room
  • Product proposals and amount

We conduct the requirement analysis in accordance with your needs. The more material, requirements, preferences we can get, the better the answer which we will be able to provide. We will of course also help you pick the luminaire, if needed. Call us if you wish to talk and want us to guide you from the beginning. Welcome!