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Styrmodul SceneDOT

The control module sceneDOT enables function to store and recall up to 4 scenarios. 4 buttons can be connected to the module, one for each scenario.

For optimum results, a 4-channel low-voltage switch is preferably used. Scenario is easily stored on each scenario button by holding down the button for about 10 seconds.

For example, to memorize “Extinguish all” function on button 1, you manually extinguish all the lighting groups with the respective unit’s individual control.

When all lighting is off, hold down button 1 for 10 seconds. Stored scenario confirmation is shown by flashing all lighting.

Setting for whether only a specific group or if all units on the bus should store the scenario is done manually with the knob. One can also set which memory position (of 16 possible) each button corresponds to.

Made in dosage format for easy placement in device box behind push button.

E17 381 24
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sceneDOT is a module for easily saving and recalling light scenes via conventional light pushbutton in the DALI bus.

The four connection inputs of sceneDOT allow to send connection commands to DALI groups or as a broadcast. * *

A DALI broadcast command takes all devices connected to a DALI network.

Designation sceneDOT
E-number 17 381 24
Provides resilient
scenario function.
Up to 4 scenarios
power supply
Via DALI line
Current <6mA
Control input
4 (eg for two
double switches)
Control output DALI
Address selection
DALI group (0-7)
or broadcast
Multi-control option
Operating temperature
-20 ° C … + 60 ° C
Protection IP65
Connection 200 mm cable
Dimension (LxWxH)
31x31x10 mm
Weight 25 g