Harrys in Motala – from a market hall to a well-designed restaurant

The newly opened Harrys has managed to create a cozy restaurant environment with wireless Casambi in Motala’s old market hall. “It is an amazingly simple and straightforward control system”, says the restaurant manager Marcus Kåtorp. Thanks to Vadsbo’s StartKlar service, the electricity company was able to quickly assemble the pre-programmed units and get help with adjustments on site.

The old market hall with a new style

Harrys is a restaurant chain that invests in architecture and interior design as well as delicious food. At the end of October 2019, Harrys opened a branch in the former market hall in Motala, with Marcus Kåtorp as the restaurant manager.

– The market hall is one of Motala’s oldest buildings and has a 12 m height ceiling, says Marcus. Parts of the building has old tiled floors and various market stalls are still there. It is obviously difficult to make such a space feel cozy, but the feedback we get is that the space is fantastic. Many guests say that it feels like they are in another country. It feels good to be able to create such feeling in our little Motala.

– Lighting was absolutely crucial, says Marcus. It goes without saying that the food we serve must have proper visual presentation for our customers to enjoy. We also offer activities such as shuffleboard which require good lighting. But above all, we must be able to create an atmosphere. That was our main focus.

Scenarios for different occasions

To control the lighting, Casambi was chosen, a wireless solution that is also used at Harry’s in Sälen. Marcus also had good experience with Casambi from the party room at Statt Motala, which he also manages.

With the app, you can create different lighting situations, called scenes or scenarios, that suit selected occasions. It is possible to control several luminaires with a single touch and create a perfect atmosphere that suits different occasions and needs. The same luminaire can be used for different lighting scenes. Harrys in Motala is divided into different zones and has a number of lighting scenes with preset lighting that can be activated depending on what is going on in the restaurant. When cleaning, for example, maximum lighting is used. When the restaurant opens, the lighting is dimmed. On Friday and Saturday evenings, a special lighting scene is activated until midnight.

– It is an amazingly simple control system, says Marcus.

StartKlar is always there to help!

The installation was carried out by Motala Elektriska AB, a collaboration between two electricity companies that have merged to be able to take on larger projects.

– We have only worked with Casambi on a fairly small scale before, says the electrician Mikael Hultner. Since we do not have sufficient experience with such large layouts and wireless control systems, we used the StartKlar service from Vadsbo.

– StartKlar entails that we make the main configuration on site remotely from Gothenburg, says Lars-Olov Johansson at Vadsbo. We connect, control and pre-program everything. Then we mark all the units and send a ready-made solution to the installation company.

– The pucks, which I call the Vadsbo units, came in a box and were marked with their respective zone, says Mikael. I just had to follow the drawing and assemble the pucks. In this old market hall with high ceilings and with many different feeds, it was very convenient to have such a wireless solution.

Deployment of wireless lighting control

– Our collaboration with Vadsbo was a pleasant experience, says Mikael. I had a telephone contact with Lars-Olov and we had an on-site inspection, during which the customer was also present.

– The large package StartKlar Vadsbo-GO also includes that we are involved in the deployment, says Lars-Olov. Some things may look different in reality and there may be new requests from the customer. We therefore provide an on site assistance to ensure that everything is in order before we close the project.

– Vadsbo was here and set everything up together with the electrician, says the restaurateur Marcus. We also went through the zones and the different scenarios and lighting scenes we want. We also received instructions on how we can easily make changes ourselves.

– The Casambi app is so easy to use that you absolutely do not need to bring in outside help, says Marcus. If I notice that a zone is a little too bright or a little too dark, I can change it with my phone. That’s amazing! I have distributed it to some employees, who can also make changes.

– For larger projects, we could definitely imagine using StartKlar again, says the electrician Mikael. They made all the necessary preparations, so that we can only assemble. You can also do everything with the app yourself. It’s just that Vadsbo does it faster and gets it right the first time.

Functions in the project/app

Timer control
Astro function
Divisions by zones
Automatic on/off

A special thank to Micke and Motala Elektriska AB who have done a really good job at Harrys in Motala.

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