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Rotary dimmer with Bluetooth VD220WCM

VD220WCM is a universal rotary dimmer that can dim all types of loads, 0 – 200VA. It has a strong transient protection of 2kV and is excellent in public environments where a rotary dimmer is more user-friendly.

Through the app, you can set the knob to control another optional Casambi-compatible device. This enables rotary dimming of a grouping of pressure dimmers, actuators, scenes setting or other products that support Casambi. You can also choose to rotate the color for Tunable White applications.

The dimmer is delivered complete with frames adapted to Elko and Exxact. Enables wireless stair dimming through knobs. The rotary dimmer also has a push-button input for connecting resistant switches to, for example, switch between scenes.

E13 604 87
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For LED 0-200VA, 230V halogen and electronic transformers. Do not use the LED dimmer for fluorescent lamps, fans or toroidal cores. Installation may only be carried out by a qualified electrician.


The Bluetooth rotary dimmer VD220WCM is controlled by traditional push and turn and/or through the free application Casambi and/or via several resistant 1-pole pushbuttons (toggle switch). The small construction depth of the rotary dimmer makes it easy to install it in device boxes and booster frames.

• 0–200VA

• Can be dimmed with several parallel-connected resistant switches

• With large terminals for 2.5mm2 cable.

• Complete with frames adapted to Exxact and Elko. For compatibility with other framework systems, see www.vadsbo.net/en/vd220wcm.


Designation VD220WCM
E-number 13 604 87
Art. number V-40V0220-501
Effect 0-200VA
Voltage 220-240V
Standby-effect 0,2W
Max current 0,87A
Frequency 50/60HZ
Light regulations Can be controlled with one or more toggle switch, twisted and /
or via bluetooth through Casambi.
Soft start Yes
Memories the last settings
Yes, even after power failure
Overheating protection
Yes, automatic recovery after removal of error
Short-circuit protection
Built-in device box
Operating humidity
0…80%, non cond.
Operating temperature
-20°C +40°C
Dimensions Ø52x22mm
Weight 110 gram
Cable area
1.0-2.5mm2 (AWG 12-22)
Enclosure material Polyamide plastic
Area of usage

230V LED lamps, electronic transformers,
LED ballasts, incandescent and 230V halogen lamps.
Do not forget to take it into account reactive effect at
calculation of the load.

Dimming 1%-100%
Insulation class IP20
Enclosure class II
Approval CE
Standard EN60669
Color 1
9010(RAL) Pure white
Color 2
9003(RAL) Signal white
Function Trailing end regulation