Vadsbox Room Quick

A Swedish designed box with Casambi with quick connection through Linect (Wago Winsta) for 1-10pcs DALI/DALI-2 luminaires.
Has TW (warm/cold white) and RGBW support.

Used in smaller rooms such as offices, conference rooms, classrooms, LSS rooms or rooms in retirement homes. Control with app, time, astro or combine with Mpress and get a complete wireless on/off and dimmer function.

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E13 607 95
Vadsbox Room Quick
E13 607 95
Art.-number V-42D0096-002Y
Fitting Surface mounted
Material PC/ABS
Insulation class IP20
Dimensions LxBxDj 170x125x38,5mm
Cable entry 16mm knock-outs, and multiple cut-out options
Working temperature -20 + 50°C
Weight 202g
Approval CE