Vadsbox Booking

Booking integration with e.g. Matchi or Playtomic for Padel halls etc. Can take up to 8 potential-free outputs per box to control lighting from booking systems. Control the system with app, time or astro. Combine with Mpress and get a ready, fast and wireless on/off, dimmer function or fixed scenes. Increased energy savings and the right amount of light when you need it. Increases the life of your luminaires while enhancing the customer experience. Possibility to increase the number of inputs on request. The exact functions are set with the help of the Casambi app. Vadsbox Booking is installed close to the alarm centre.

Read more about Padel here (Swedish).

E13 607 98
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Vadsbox Booking
E-number E13 607 98
Art.-number V-42B0006-004Y
Fitting Surface mounted
Material PC/ABS
Insulation class IP20
Dimensions LxBxDj 170x125x38,5mm
Cable entry 16mm knock-outs, and multiple cut-out options
Working temperature -20 + 50°C
Weight 240g
Approvals CE