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Control module SwitchDOT

The control module switchDOT enables dimming and is an interface between a standard resilient pushbutton and a DALI bus. SwitchDOT can be set to control an individual device, a group of devices or all devices on the DALI bus. Adjustment is done manually with knobs.

E17 381 22
Artikelnr: V-42SWDOT Kategori:
E-number 17 381 22
Power supply Via DALI-line
Current <6mA
Control input 4 (eg for two double switches)
Control output DALI
Address selection DALI individual address (1-64), DALI group (1-16) or broadcast
Multi control Yes
Operationg temperature -20 +60°C
Protection IP65
Connection 200 mm cable
Dimensions (LxBxH) 31x31x10 mm
Weight 25 g