LED-control driver SSW60DALI

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We are expanding our DALI products with a world-class drive. SSW60DALI provides flicker-free light and is equipped with two DALI inputs and outputs for fast forwarding.

LED-control driver DALI
SSW60DALI is equipped with DALI channels for smoother forwarding. Both channels are addressable and if a switch is connected, the channels can still be controlled individually. The control driver is certified according to the DALI standard and is integrated with all DALI-compatible systems. The drive is also prepared and compatible with device type 8 for tunable white.

Mixed load
SSW60DALI has two channels that can be freely mixed with e.g. uneven load. That is, you can drive constant voltage on one channel and constant current on the other. It also means that you can use 50W on one channel and 10W on another, for example.

With flex tube all the way into the transparent strain relief, the installer can now easily inspect his installation. Color-coded, dual quick connectors are standard on our controls. Thanks to the compact design, you can easily insert the drive into a 63mm hole, or 85mm at only 56mm construction depth. You can also easily hide the drive unit in, for example, a locker or in a kitchen cabinet. We believe in simple installations and user-friendly operation.

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Cost-effective installation and longer service life
By separating downlights from the actuators, the service life of both luminaires and actuators will be increased as the heat development is spread out in a more natural way. A pure SELV installation is safe and places less demands on the installation and is cost-effective in relation to quality. This means that you get a longer service life of your installation, the highest quality, cost-effective and a safe installation with a control device spread over more luminaires.

LED list’s best friend
SSW60 can deliver up to 2.6A on a single output, which gives a full 60W at 24V. The drive is created based on the demand for LED strips which are limited today by the lack of selection of small powerful drives. Finally, there is a real driver that sets a new standard when it comes to dimming LED strips!

Flicker-free dimming
SSW60 is a completely digital driver that offers optimal dimming of all types of LED loads. This is possible thanks to a patent-pending hybrid technology for flicker-free CV dimming and the fact that the drive has dimming curves specially adapted for downlights and LED strips. The many setting options mean that you can always use SSW60 in your installation.

Crown function or as usual
SSW60 can be controlled with a switch or two for extended crown function which can control of the channels separately. This is very convenient when you have two loads with separate ignition and dimming. You also save time working with one device instead of two. If you want both loads to be run on the same switch, just connect the different control inputs.

Control it as it suits you
SSW60 can be controlled with 0-10V control driver while using the push button. The latest dimming level is maintained after a power failure, which enables control in combination with, for example, presence sensors.