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CBU-COPD is a motion detector with an IP66-rated weatherproof enclosure that can be surface mounted on an outdoor wall. It is configurable via Casambi’s free app that you can easily download on Google Play or the App Store.

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E13 011 75
Artikelnr: V-42B0026-002 Kategorier: ,
Designation PIR CBU-COPD
E-number E13 011 75
Art. number V-42B0026-002
Voltage 220-240V
Frequence 50Hz
Max Power 50mA
Frequency 2,4–2,483GHz
Range lux 5 – 2000lux
Operating requirements

The temperature difference between the detection target
and the environment must be at least 4°C for the sensor to respond.

Operating temperature -20 – +40°C
Storage temperature
Working humidity
0…80%, non conductive
Cable area
0,5 mm² – 2,5 mm² singular or multiple
Cable peeling 6-7mm
Torque 0,4 Nm/4 Kgf.cm
Dimensions 75x60x37mm
Weight 111 gram (unpacked)
Insultation class IP66
Protection class Mounting class 2
Enclosure material
Flame retardant polycarbonate
Color Opaque White
EMC emission
EMC immunity
EN60669-2-1:2004 inc. A12:2010
EN60669-2-1:2004 inc. A12:2010
EN60669-2-1:2004 inc. A12:2010
Complies with WEEE- and RoHS-directives