Highbay sensor, Casambi wireless, adapted for high altitude mounting. IP40, recessed, multi-pyro, PIR presence sensor with light sensor in a special window, equipped with DALI dimming and switched outputs.

The sensor is excellent to use for high altitude installations such as warehouse aisles or sports halls, where the sensor DALI dims ceiling luminaires and the relay output simultaneously controls sockets or ambient lighting. With presence and light sensor, energy-efficient lighting is ensured after each weather and which only lights up when someone is in the room. You can also switch to TW profile and get circadian lighting that follows the rise and set of the sun.

E13 014 88
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Designation CBU-PIRDALI-HB
E-number 13 014 88
Art. number V-44B0306-151N
Max switched load: 20mA (10 DALI-drivers)
Max switched load 10A
Load Inrush rating 200A / 300µs
Weight 200g
Rated Current 10A
Terminal capacity 2,5mm²
Light detection range 1-999lux
Transceiver frequency 2.4GHz ISM band
Transceiver power Up to 4 dBm output power and -93 dBm RX sensitivity
Rated impulse voltage
Supply voltage AC 230VAC
Operational temperature -20 to 35°C
Humidity 5 to 95% non-condensing
Material (casing) Flame retardant ABS
Insulation class 2
IP rating 40
Compliance CE, RED-2014/53/EU, LVD-2014/35/EU
Supply frequency 50Hz