Input module for 4 push buttons SC-TI-CAS

Potential-free switch module Sc-Ti-Cas

Input module
SC-TI-CAS is an input module for up to four potential-free buttons. The device is automatically recognized by the Casambi app and can be included in the existing network. The functions triggered by the buttons can be configured with the Casambi app.
The interface is supplied with mains voltage and can be installed in a recessed socket. If a push button is also installed in the recessed box, a deep recessed box is recommended. A 4-way button insert, e.g. GIRA 014 700 can be used or a combination of single and / or double pushbuttons in several recessed drawers.

Easy to install
The interface is automatically recognized by the Casambi app and quickly integrat-ed into existing networks at the touch of a button.

Functional diversity
Each button can be set individually via the Casambi app. Choose between scenes, activate animations, dim a single luminaire or control an entire group.

Easy Integration
The interface fits in all recessed sockets. Depending on which push button is used, a deep recess box is recommended.

17 116 41
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Item number V-42B0107-001N
E-number 17 116 41
Voltage 230VAC
Max power 10mA
Frequency 50Hz
Maximum cable area 0,2mm² – 1,5mm²
Maximum cable length 30cm
Cable scaling 8mm
Operating temperature 0-55°C
Standards DIN EN60669-2-1
ETSI EN301 489-1 v. 1.9.2
ETSI EN301 489-17 v. 2.2.1
ETSI EN300 328 v. 1.8.1
Dimensions Ø 53mm x 21mm