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Mpress – Graphite Grey S


Mpress is a wireless and battery-free switch with one or more pushbuttons that can be paired to a Casambi network. Mpress can withstand 100,000 pressures and has a range of up to 15 m indoors in ideal conditions. With Mpress, no power supply or cabling is needed to send control signals to selected luminaires.

Mounting can be done over the fixture box, screwed up against a wall or use the supplied double-sided adhesive tape against a smooth surface such as glass walls. The package includes a single push button with two poles and double push buttons with a total of four poles.

Mpress can control individual or groups of luminaires/light sources wirelessly. It is also possible to hold the push button to dim the lights.

Mpress push buttons can be used and configured via the Casambi application with both Android and iOS devices. Pairing to networks with iOS requires at least version iOS13, which is standard on all modern devices today.

Mpress is offered in five variants: Pure White E, Signal White E and Jet Black E adapted for Elko plus frame systems and Signal White S and Graphite Grey S adapted for Exxact frame systems.

E17 118 55
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Designation Mpress Graphite Grey S
E-number E17 118 55
Colour RAL7024
Power supply Generates energy by pressing on the switch via an electrodynamic
power generator.
Antenna Integrated PCB-antenna
Frequency/range 2,4GHz
Up to 15 m indoor under ideal conditions
Data speed 125kbps
Channels 2 with 4 active modes
Lenght of movement for energy generation 1,8mm
Required power for energy generation 9N at room temperature
Number of cycles at 25°C (service life) 100 000, tested according to EN 60669/
VDE 0632
Operating temperature -25°C to +65°C
Size 87 x 87 x 14mm
Weight (complete product) 57g