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LED dimmer without neutral LDN200

LDN200 requires no neutral when connecting and is therefore optimal for installation where neutral is missing in the device box or in a difficult-to-access installation environment. The dimmer is controlled by one or more resilient 1-pole pushbuttons (toggle switch).

The dimmer has a memory function and retains the last set light level when switching on/off. Also applies when the dimmer has been de-energized. Adjustable boost function, as well as lowest and highest dimmer level.

Used for LED 0-200VA, 230V halogen and electronic transformers.

E13 606 22
Artikelnr: V-40P0200-001 Kategori:


On/Off: a little push. The dimmer starts with the last used light level (memory function).
Dimming up/down: hold down the button until the desired level is reached. The dimmer stays at the highest/lowest dimmer level.


Boost function adjustment *
Used for late loads where the light is turned on at different speeds (popcorn effect). Also used for difficult-to-ignite loads during ignition and startup, to start them up.

Use the potentiometer to adjust the amount of boost until the light starts up to a comfortable level. Switch the dimmer on and off via the connected toggle switch at 5-second intervals to study the effect of the function.


Maximum dimmer level/flicker adjustment *
Used for loads when flicker occurs in the maximum dimmed position. Also used for fine adjustment of the highest dimmer level.

For flicker, turn the potentiometer clockwise with a screwdriver to reduce the amount of flicker. Stay where you are happy and no flicker occurs. For fine adjustment: turn the potentiometer clockwise with a screwdriver and stop just before the light starts to dim. Stop at the position you want.


Fine adjustment of minimum dimmer level *
At the most common loads.

Dim the load to minimal light. Turn the potentiometer clockwise with a screwdriver to set the minimum dimmer level. Stay where you are happy and no flicker occurs.


* Performed with voltage on

Art.number V-40PO200-001
E-number 13 606 22
Effect 0-200VA
Voltage 220-240V
Standby-effect <0.2W
Max current 0,91A
Frequency 50Hz
Light regulation Can be controlled by one or more toggle switches
Soft start Yes
Memories last settings Yes, even after power outage
Overheating protection Yes, automatic reset after removal of error
Short-circuit protection Yes, automatic reset after removal of error
Mounting Built-in device box
Operating humidity 0…80%, non-cond
Operating temperature -20 +40°C
Size LxBxDj 48x48x18mm
Weight 39 gram
Cable area 1,0-2,5mm2 (AWG 12-22)
Enclosure material Polycarbonat (PC)
Area of usage

230V LED lamps, electronic transformers, LED ballasts, incandescent lamps and 230V halogen lamps. Do not forget to take the reactive power into account when calculating the load.

Dimming 0% – 100%
Insulation class IP20
Enclosure class II
Approval CE