LED-dimmer LD440

The universal push dimmer LD440 is made in the popular dosage format, which facilitates installation. LD440 is specially adapted for dimming of low-energy lamps, LEDs and electronic transformers up to 440VA. It also works great when dimming halogen and incandescent lights up to 440W.

E13 774 39
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Push dimming

Push dimming means quick and easy light control with the ability to control the same dimmer from several different places. The dimmer fits in standard appliance boxes behind the pushbutton, which makes it easy for electricians.

Dimmable low energy lamps

For dimmable low-energy lamps of CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) and CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps) type from 1W up to 440 W.

Dimmable LED lights

For dimmable 230V LED lamps from 1W up to 440 W.

Dimmable LED ballasts

For dimmable LED ballasts for trailing edge control from 1W up to 440 W.

Halogen lamps

For 230V halogen lamps (GU10) from 1W up to 440 W. For 12V halogen lamps (GU5,3) over electronic transformers for trailing edge control up to 440 W.

Designation LD440
Effect 1-440W
E-number 13 774 39
Function Trailing end regulation
Art. number
Voltage 220-240V
Standby Power
Max Current 1,91 A
Frequence 50/60Hz
Light control
Can be controlled with one or more toggle switches
Soft start Yes
Memories last settings
Yes, even after power failure
– Overload Yes
– Overheating Yes, automatic reset after error removal
– Short circuit Yes

Built-in in device box or in wall mounting

Operating humidity
Operating temperatures
Size Ø56×22 mm
Weight 35 g
– Color White
– Material PC(IR) 2200
– Flame retardant class
Area of usage
Dimmable low energy lamps, 230V LED lamps, electronic transformers,
LED ballasts, incandescent lamps, 230V halogen lamps. Do not forget to
take it into account reactive power when calculating the load.
Dimming 5-100%
Adjustable minimum dimmer level
Protection class
Enclosure class
Standard EN60669