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Push dimmer LD220

The universal push dimmer LD220 is made in the popular dosage format that facilitates installation and can be installed with the help of screw brackets. LD220 starts at 1VA and is specially adapted for dimming low-energy lamps, LEDs and electronic transformers up to 200VA. It also works when dimming halogen and incandescent lamps up to 200VA.

Low power dimmer LD220 is controlled by one or more resistant 1-pole pushbuttons (toggle switch). The advantage of a pressure dimmer is that there is no limit to how many places in a room it is possible to dim from.

LD220 has adjustable minimum dimmer level and memory function in case of interruption.

E13 774 40
Artikelnr: V-4022010IB Kategori:
E-number 13 774 40
Art. number V-4022010IB
230 V +/-10% 50/60 Hz
Max Current 0,87 A
Min. Load
1W (or. transformer: see it´s minimum load)
Max loading 200W
Enclosure class
IP20 (for indoor use)
Frequency 50/60Hz
Size Ø52×23 mm
Function Trailing end regulation