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Double Dimmer LD200KRON

The double dimmer LD200KRON is a two dimmers in one and the same enclosure that is adapted for mounting in A- or B-box. The double dimmer is equipped with two control inputs for connection with a double switch equipped with a spring. Two separate resistant switches can also be used for mounting.

We have taken the best with the popular low power dimmer LD220 (E13 774 40) and further improved it.

The double dimmer is suitable for use in areas where, for example, there is no space for several appliance boxes; where two ignitions on separate loads are necessary. It can be ceiling and window lighting, bathroom cabinets, ceiling lighting, etc.

E13 603 40
Artikelnr: V-4020020IBK Kategori:


Crown function – The double dimmer has two separate control inputs for controlling two separate ignitions.

Mixed load – Mix different loads on the outputs, such as e.g. LED with E27 and E14 socket on one output and LED driver on the other.

Minimum dimmer level – The double dimmer is equipped with a lowest dimmer level potentiometer for individual setting of the various ignitions. The knob controls the ignition that was last activated.

Short-circuit protection – LD200KRON is also equipped with automatically resetting short-circuit protection.

Load – The double dimmer starts at 0VA for dimming the really low loads and can be loaded with a maximum of 100VA per channel. The dimmer also stops in minimum and maximum positions.


Double Dimmer LD200KRON
E-number 13 603 40
Art.number V-402002IBK
Effect 1-100VA / Output
Primary voltage 220-240V
Input current 0.44A / Output
Standby-effect <0.5W
Function Rear edge controlled
– Dimmerfunction
Resilient pressure function
– On/off

Press primary switched, 1 pc per channel

– Adjustable minimum dimmer level
Yes, different per ignition
Operating temperature
-20°C till +50°C
Testtemperature Tc 90°C
Size Ø 57×21 mm
Cable area
1,0-2,5mm2 (AWG 12-22)
Weight 54g
Color White
– Material PC
– Flame retardant class V-2
Built-in A eller B box

Screw clamp (max. 2.5mm2) screw terminal, with ink

– Transients Yes, 1 kV
– Overload
Yes, automatic reset
– Overheating
Yes, automatic reset
– Short circuit
Yes, automatic reset after error removal
Area of usage
230V LED, 230V halogen, incandescent, dimmable LED ballast,
electronic transformer. Do not forget to take into account the reactive effect
Soft start No
Humidity during operation 0-85 %
Dimming 1-100 %
Protection class II
Enclosure class IP20
Manufacturing standard
EN 55015:2006+2009 EN 60669-1:2007
EN61000-3-2:2014 EN 61547:2009
Approval CE