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LED control driver LCC9

LED control driver LCC9 is a combined LED ballast and LED dimmer on 9W constant current and constant voltage LEDs up to 9W. A push button can control up to 20 units. No additional synchronization cable is required.

LCC9 is made in dosage format for easy installation.

With cascade function for operation of larger loads. The cascade function makes it possible to connect LCC9 units on the secondary side to achieve greater total power. Up to 3 LCC9 units can be connected together to drive and dim a load of 27W, which also adjust completely automatically after the power.

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Installed behind the pushbutton in the device box.

• Used for constant voltage and constant current diodes.

Selectable constant currents: 350, 500 and 700mA.

Selectable constant voltages: 6, 12, 18 and 24Vdc.

• Has a memory function and retains the last set light level when switched on/off. Also applies when the dimmer has been de-energized.

• Has a soft start.

• Has overtemperature protection and overload protection.

• Can be controlled with toggle switch on the primary side (220-240VAC).

• Can also be controlled with 0-10 or 1-10Vdc control. Up to 20 lighting groups can be controlled with the same push button.

Save the manual for future use!



Designation LCC9
Clamping 220-240 VAC
Effect Max 9W
Min. load W1
Max load 9 W (1 LCC9 unit, max 4W at 6Vdc)
18 W (2 LCC9 units)
27 W (3 LCC9 units)
Enclosure class IP20 (for indoor usage)
Constant current (per output) 350mA max 9W, 500mA max 9W, 700mA max 9W
Constant voltage (per output) 6Vdc max 4W, 12Vdc max 9W, 18Vdc max 9W, 24Vdc max 9W
Voltage (primary) 230Vac
Regulation Pushdimring, 0/1-10Vdc
Measure LxBxH Ø57×22 mm
Max. cable lenght 20 meter (40m in total in a serie) (SELV)