DALI Dimmer DD1600

DD1600 is a 4-channel trailing edge phasecut dimmer with DALI. Supports resistive and capacitive loads. With DALI connection, DALI addresses can be determined with buttons and shown on the digital display. The number of DALI addresses can be set to 1/2/3/4 to control the load of the 4 channels simultaneously or separately. Can also be used with resistant switches to control the channels simultaneously.

For integration with Casambi, you can use CBU-A2D.


E13 606 95
Artikelnr: V-40D1600-021 Kategori:



The DD1600 can be integrated with Casambi using a Bluetooth module with DALI output. Use either a Bluetooth module with a built-in power supply for the DALI bus, or a Bluetooth module + separate DALI power supply. Use a DALI broadcast profile in the Bluetooth module and control all channels simultaneously via Bluetooth.

The channels can also be controlled individually by manually selecting an address on the dimmer and then using a Bluetooth profile that controls DALI with several channels.

The channels on two DD1600s can be controlled individually with the same Bluetooth module. Use a DALI profile with 8 channels, and manually set the addresses of the dimmers to consecutive values (e.g., dimmer 1 = 00, and dimmer 2 = 04).


Art. number V-40D1600-021
E-number 13 606 95
Max. loadeffect 4x400W @ 230V
4x200W @ 110V
Max. load current 4×1.5A
Input voltage 100-240VAC
Output voltage 4x(100-240)VAC
Function DALI fasdimmer with trailing edge adjustment
Dimmer span 1-100%
DALI consumption <2mA
Color White
Enclosure material PC
Dimensions 145.5x90x66.5mm
Area of use Dimmable LED lamps, dimmable LED drivers, traditional incandescent and halogen lamps
Protection class IP20
Certificate CE