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Control module CBU-ASD

CBU-ASD is a controller that converts the bluetooth signal to 0/1-10V. It is applied in new construction as well as in existing facilities or, for example, when you want to implement a more powerful dimmer in the system. In DALI mode, there is support for broadcast, color control and light temperature. CBU-ASD is part of Vadsbo’s Bluetooth system and is controlled through the free app from Casambi. Add Xpress or Mpress to dim intensity. The following profiles are available in the same product:

1-10V control driver – Default setting:
For bluetooth dimming via app and/or button with 1-10V dimmable actuators.

DALI Broadcast:
Change profile and control DALI devices with the Casambi app or button

DALI Tuneable white:
If you have a warm white and cold white LED strip with DALI ballasts, you can enable tunable white in your smart device.

Do you eant RGB control in your phone? Simply select this profile.

For DALI ballasts with RGBW control.

DALI multi channels:
Program up to 3 units with CBU-ASD and divide them into groups.

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Make sure that the primary side voltage is switched off before connecting. Use 0.75-1.5 mm2 single-core or multi-core cables. Peel the cable 6-7 mm from the end.

Insert the cables into the corresponding holes and tighten the terminal block screws. Make sure that the inputs and outputs are connected correctly. The primary input connection is marked with the letters L and N with an arrow pointing inwards, while the primary output connection is marked with the letters L and N with an arrow pointing outwards. The low voltage output is marked with the symbols + and -.

If installation of CBU-ASD takes place in a heat-sensitive environment (eg in a light fixture or in a box in a ceiling socket above a light fixture), make sure that the ambient temperature does not exceed the specified maximum value.

Voltage range 220-240 VAC
Frequency 50 Hz
Max primary current 0,6 A
Output relay SSR on phase
Voltage range 220-240 VAC
Maximum starting current on connected load 12A/8ms (use external relay for larger starting currents).
0-10V Output
Voltage range Voltage range
Max primary current 6mA
DALI Output
Voltage range 9-12 VDC
Max primary current 6mA
Radio receiver
Working frequency 2,4…2,483 Ghz
Maximal output effect +4 dBm
Working conditions
Temperature surroundings ta  -20…+50°C (Iut 0 A)

-20…+40°C (Iut 0,6 A)
Max. capsule temperature, tc +70 °C
Storage temperature -25…+75 °C
Max. relative humidity 0…80%, non-cond.
Cross-sectional area cable, Solid-core &
Conductor solid core
0,75-1,5 mm2 14-22 AWG
Wire stripper length 6-7 mm
Tightening torque 0,4 Nm/4 Kgf.cm/2,6 Lb-In
Mechanical data
Dimensions 56,5 x 35,8 x 22,3 mm
Weight 48 g
Protection IP20 (for indoor use only)
Protection class Built-in class II