Dimmer with bluetooth CBU-TED

CBU-TED is a bluetooth module that functions as a trailing edge dimmer without pushbutton input. The dimming takes place via alternative control interfaces such as wireless push buttons, scenes/time control or via the app. The small size of the dimmer allows installation behind a switch, inside a luminaire or in a device box. With protection against overload and overheating. For dimming LED lamps, dimmable LED controllers and light bulbs up to 150VA.

E13 605 80
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Item number V-40X0150-501N
E-number 13 605 80
Voltage 85-240VAC
Frequency 50-60Hz
Maximum supply current 0,65A
Standby effect <0,3W
Light regulation With one or more toggle switches
Working temperature -20 to +45°C
Max temperature enclosure +75°C
Storage temperature -25 up to +75°C
Humidity 0…80%, no cond.
Dimensions 40,5×36,5×14 mm
Weight 15 g
Protection IP20