Control module CBU-A2D

CBU-A2D is a Casambi-compatible 2-channel 0-10V / DALI control unit. CBU-A2D has a universal 100-277 VAC input voltage range. It can control one or two 0-10V controlled LED drivers, or control an LED driver with tunable white through two 0-10V control inputs. The CBU-A2D can also be configured in a DALI mode, where it can be connected to a DALI LED driver or a DALI sensor for presence detection and/or daylight compensation functions.

It is possible to use various Casambi-compatible products; from a simple direct-controlled luminaire – to a complete and multifunctional lighting system where up to 127 units (Classic) or 250 units (Evolution) automatically create an intelligent mesh network.

E13 606 94
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Item number V-42B0006-001
E-number 13 606 94
Input voltage 100-240VAC (CE/UL/CSA)
277VAC (only UL/CSA)
Frequency 50-60Hz
Maximum input current 35mA
Output 1 voltage, 0-10V 0-10VDC, max. 7 mA (consumption)
Output 1 voltage, DALI 12VDC, max. 20 mA (source)
Max. number of actuators 1 drive + 1 sensor / push button
Output 2 voltage, 0-10V 0-10 VDC, max. 7 mA (consumption)
Output 2 voltage, relay control 12 VDC, max. 100 mA (source)
Max. number of actuators 1
Operating frequencies 2,4…2,483 Ghz
Max. output power -4 dBm
Ambient temperature -20…+45°C (-4…+113°F)
Max. casing temperature +70 °C (+158°F)
Storage temperature -25…+70 °C (-13…+158°F)
Max. humidity 0…80%, not condensing
Cable dimensions,
solid and multi-core
0,5-1,5 mm2 / 16-20 AWG
Cable scaling 6-7 mm (.25”)
Fastening torque 0,4 Nm/4 Kgf.cm/2,6 Lb-In
Dimensions 76x26x23mm
Weight 40g
Protection IP20
Certification CE