Dynamic lighting of the church room

Church By Vadsbo

Church halls, which are often part of old cultural-historical buildings, pose demanding challenges when it comes to lighting. Wireless lighting control comes in handy where there is a requirement for the least possible intervention in the building. Everything can be integrated in Casambi, even traditional luminaires can continue to be used in the surroundings. With Casambi, everyone, regardless of their technical background, can easily switch between preset lighting scenes. This can be implemented, whether it is needed for a color-dimmed Bible design on a dark Advent morning prayer or for a grand wedding on a beautiful summer day. Welcome to flexibility and simplicity.

A wise investment

We offer lighting options and solutions that make the church more economical, safe, comfortable, energy-efficient and festive – regardless of time and space. One of Casambi’s many strengths is that it is perfectly possible to integrate Casambi into the church’s already-existing lighting solution. Instead of dealing with shrink tubes in chandeliers that are 15 meters up in the ceiling or pulling new cables from scratch, Casambi solves such problems in the simplest possible way. What used to be a large expensive dimmer for a chandelier is nowadays a single DD1600 which load can be distributed on four channels, and the rest is controlled by the app. An environmentally-friendly and sustainable solution for our cultural heritage.

Lighting for all generations

We pre-program the lighting and switches on the walls to facilitate the process of switching between lighting zones and different scenarios. We understand that a church needs lighting that is user-friendly and easy to understand regardless of the generation of those who are in charge of changing the lighting scene. Casambi is smart and takes into account the variety of purposes and the diversity of members who attend the church as well as the interaction of lighting with changing daylight, time control, presence / absence control in the form of smart sensors, timers and astro-clock. With our solution, changing the lighting is a single click away for parishioners and church employees.

TIP! You can automate and schedule church bell rings in the Casambi app to facilitate daily work.

How do I order?

Send us the following:

  • Schematics if possible
  • Description of the hall and the control needed
  • A list of luminaires
  • Contact information

We will get back to you with:

  • Offer
  • Solution proposals for your schematics
  • Solution proposals for each hall
  • Product suggestions and the quantity

We carry out the necessary analysis according to your wishes. The more details about the materials and requirements we know, the better we can help you. If you like, we would be happy to help you with the luminaire selection. Please give us a call if you like talk to someone and receive consultation. We are looking forward to hearing from you!