Save 15-40% with Casambi

Do you want to save thousands of dollars and even much more depending on the size of your project? Unlike traditional outdated wired lighting control systems, with Casambi wireless system you can save hours of manpower, kilometers of wires / flex hoses / cables, and avoid drilling in walls and concrete. Casambi system can also be used in cultural-historical buildings and allows you to easily change the lighting planning and location of the premises in the future. You can use your favorite luminaires as usual. With Casambi, there is no start-up cost and you will have unique scalability. It’s time to to have smart projects!

Now everyone can DALI

With Casambi, DALI control becomes wireless. Unlike a traditional DALI installation, Casambi does not require complex programming. With Casambi, you do not need to know DALI – Casambi does everything for you. The app takes care of all the communication with DALI. In fact, you do not even have to see the addresses – Casambi takes care of everything automatically. The app also offers great flexibility, as it is easy to make additions and changes, even after starting. Everything can be solved using the app, and if you have troubles with the app, we are happy to help you out.

Options and flexibility

Whether it is a shop, outdoor, gym or office complex, Casambi is the solution. An unlimited number of networks can be combined, so that thousands of luminaires can be controlled simultaneously with the app. Scalability means that Casambi is suited to control any scale of lighting plans, from a single room to a sophisticated large-scale project. Learn more about our app functions, such as the circadian rhythm / circadian light, sun rising and setting, timing plan, color dimming, scenarios and much more.

Casambi app
Available for free for both Android and iPhone
Search for Casambi
and download the app.
Activate bluetooth
on your smart device

Wireless security

Casambi is based on Bluetooth Low Energy, which comes standard with all smart devices. Compared to Wi-Fi-based lighting control systems, which depend on how reliable your Wi-Fi network is, Casambi does not rely on a router or gateway to control your lights. And since Casambi does not require an internet connection (except when linking to multiple networks or updating firmware), this means that you are protected against online threats. In addition, Casambi is built on mesh technology, where each unit acts as both a signal amplifier and information distributor. This results in a robust system that ensures the continuation of operation of the remaining parts of the control system , in the unlikely event that a specific device breaks down. This is unlike typical central wired control systems, where any defect in the communication loop or the central control unit may cause the entire system to shut down and lose its function.

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